good times here

two very cool friends have great things happening and I’m really happy for them- Mark Atteberry was nominated for BEST ACTOR at a film festival for his performance in “Stained” and Lee Stranahan is doing an interview with the LA TIMES. Both are really fun and, well.. I know because both happened to me as well (nomination for Jekyll & Hyde and LA Times for Playdate, my kid’s radio show) -I always find it very enjoyable when my friends hit plateaus of success, kind of a contact high, plus I’m always very proud. Definitely proud of these two.

so here’s a fun video to celebrate with, Marnie just found this on youtube- a dance recital by Tude’s School Of Dance, in Santa Clara, CA using my song, “CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE ROCK” …this is just a Big Smile, no matter how you look at it

~ by abernhoft on April 3, 2008.

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