Drama at the Dog Park

so we have a cool little shiba inu (that’s a dog) named Bosco, who we take to a nice little dog park (Alice’s Park) on Orange Grove here in Pasadena- almost daily. It’s really fun, and, if you’ve never been, dog parks are a kind of social get together for a lot of people. We met a friend there a few weeks ago and his dog got into a little scuffle with a smaller dog. Well, it was the owners who started BARKING at each other- fortunately, the other guy took his chihuahua and left, or there might have been swordplay.
WELL.. on Sunday, my wife Marnie was there with Bosco when two dog owners started arguing with each other, barking at the top of their lungs! One of them was an older gentleman, who comes every morning for coffee and dog talk with a large group of seniors who hang out there every day with their pets. THE GUY GOT HIMSELF SO UPSET THAT HE KEELED OVER WITH A HEART ATTACK!! Marnie (an RN) administered CPR, but found out yesterday he didn’t make it. So I now call it DRAMA DOG PARK. Also, it’s a great lesson about not getting so upset about stupid stuff- especially someones “misbehaving” dog…GEEEEEEEEEEEZ!

Bosco, the wonder dog
BOSCO, the Wonder Dog

~ by abernhoft on April 10, 2008.

One Response to “Drama at the Dog Park”

  1. Great looking dog! Playing catchup with your blog. Congrats on the Jekyl & Hyde film attention and praise. I want to see it.

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