Kenneth Kendall Tribute » Kendall’s house 3

Art as far as the eye can see- and there were at least 4 more rooms full of it

2 Responses to “Kendall’s house 3”

  1. Yes, Kenneth was a dear friend of my aunt, Maila Nurmi, aka Vampira. She sent me several pictures of the two of them together in the late 80’s. By chance, I was at Banner packaging in Oct. 28, and saw two of Mr. Kendall’s James Dean oils being shipped out. One was Dean dressed in all white, and the other was Dean in all black. Amongst my Aunt’s memorabilia, I discovered a brass medallion of Dean, signed by Kenneth and inscribed to “Vampira”

    • Wow- I met your aunt twice at Kenneth’s Dean birthday parties. She was cool. Great stories. I can see why she & Dean (and Kenneth) became friends. Her perspective on James Dean was priceless to me, because there are so many people who claim to have known him and so few who actually did. Thanks for the message- Alan Bernhoft

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