Fallbrook Film Festival & Jam Session

So I have found that film festivals are always a great experience, from the very, very big events, to the almost unknown little venues- you always meet cool people and have unique experiences. Fallbrook Film Festival, (last weekend) was no exception. http://www.fallbrookfilmfestival.com/ 

I made the almost 2 hour drive south of LA by myself last Saturday, and was pleasantly surprised when I came upon a little town that looked just like Andy Griffith’s Mayberry. I had a few hours before the rest of the “Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney” (www.myspace.com/dearpaul) team arrived, so I wandered around Main Street. I happened to catch the Q&A with comedy writer/director Adam McKay, who, among other things, writes and directs most of his partner, Will Farrell’s movies. Adam was also the head writer for Saturday Night Live for many years, and a founding member of the sketch comedy group, UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE. I spoke to Adam quite a bit after the talk. I invitited him to our screening, which was later that night, but he had to get back to LA immediately. He was nice enough to give me the address of his production company, and was really interested in the film, as it’s an original take on the mockumentary genre, which he loves,  as well as a very funny idea. So I was jazzed about this connection. What a nice guy.

Then I wandered around the little town of Fallbrook, halfway looking for a place to grab lunch. I saw a group of about 10 older folks with guitars, banjos, washtub basses, and an electric keyboard, jamming away in the little town square. I wandered up, talked music with them for about a minute, then sat in with them for about two hours of bluegrass. It was really, really great. One of those experiences where I thought, “I should have a camera crew following me around, because nobody is ever going to believe this” They were great, and surprised I knew all the songs- I didn’t- I’m just great at faking it.  

I had to run, as it was now about an hour before screening time- I still had to eat. The other members of team McCartney (Marc, Ruth, Kat, Carlos and their mates) arrived and we converged on an Irish Pub called JJ PURTY’S, just next to the screening room. It was so great to see everyone. The showing went well, standing room only (it helps when the room only seats 50 people) Lots of applause and a short Q & A afterwards. The topper of the night was that Kat Farren, one of the actresses in the film, had just been proposed to by her boyfriend, who attended the screening with her and used the event to his advantage by booking a B & B for the night and proposing.

It was a really fun day for me, and a nice warm up for the Mockfest Film Festival where we’re screening in Hollywood May 18th. http://www.mockfilmfest.com/

~ by abernhoft on May 4, 2008.

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