Train & Universal Studios

I had a great day- just Daddy and two girls off on an adventure. I didn’t tell them where we were going. We walked the four or five blocks from our house to the train station in Pasadena. Took the goldline into downtown. Union Station is SO COOL. It’s rare that such an old historic building doesn’t get torn down in LA. Then we grabbed the redline to Universal Studios, where we spent the day wandering around, watching shows, and playing in the park. We got home about 6 hours later. I have to say, I was a little boy when my Uncle Jack first showed me postcards from the Universal Tour he had gone on way back in the 60’s. I still remember his description of the place way back then. I still think about those old pictures ever time I’m there, and how it really hasn’t changed that much. Different stars, movies & TV shows, but the same excitement -to be somehow a part of the magic of the entertainment industry -for new generations of people, that will never get old.

~ by abernhoft on May 5, 2008.

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  1. how funny I was at City Walk on Monday having lunch at Daily Grill with a client who works there. and Snow and Alex walked around while we were having some of the meeting in the booth. Small world.

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