“The Cookie Thief” by Adam Davis

Monday night I saw a short film by my friend Adam Davis called “The Cookie Thief” http://www.thecookiethief.com/

Eric Roberts starred – how Adam got Eric Roberts, I’m not really sure. He always gets really great leading men, it seems. His first short, “The Green Flash” starred Omar Epps (from the television show, “House”) and the one after that, “Digitized” starred one of the most highly sought after leading men in Hollywood, Alan Bernhoft. You know Adam is well-connected if he can get Roberts, Eppes, and ESPECIALLY Bernhoft for his projects.

Anyway, the film was so good. Based on a poem about not being too quick to judge, it has a great little message. Without giving too much away, a frazzeled woman at an airport THINKS a stranger is stealing her cookies. The script, acting, production values and music were all above and beyond what you find in most short films. I’m always proud of my friends who continue to produce creatively. Adam is one of the best.

~ by abernhoft on May 17, 2008.

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