Great online review of my new CD by a real person

I was completely taken by surprise.

I’ve never heard anyone approach The Beatles essence (especially without actually outright doing one of their songs) and capturing it in spirit, sound, recording technique and vocally (even the drumming is uncanny) and literally doing them absolute justice. I have even seen some tribute bands (good ones too) that didn’t impress me as much as your originals, which come closer than actual Beatle songs themselves. Not only are the songs great but the production is excellent and very clever. This is the kind of music you can listen to many times and hear something different in the mixes every time. Finally! Something TRULY Beatlesque. I have many friends who are Beatles fanatics to this day and I will be sending them all your site. Okay. Enough boot polish! (Beatle boots that is!) keep up the good work.

From: Frank X. Brittingham


~ by abernhoft on September 11, 2008.

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