WHICH ONE’S WRIGHT? ….RIP Richard Wright (Pink Floyd)

Just a quick word about one of the greats, Richard Wright- keyboardist, vocalist and songwriter with Pink Floyd, including their original incarnation as “THE” Pink Floyd, with Syd Barrett, (who also recently passed away).  Here are some quick thoughts- listen to Wright’s velvety, shiny voice in the middle section of “Time” from “Dark Side Of The Moon” – it’s something I always looked forward to when seeing them live. Hear the early version of this great voice on “Mathilda Mother” from “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” the 1967 Syd Barrett-infused debut LP (Syd sings the last verse). One of my favorite Wright compositions/ vocal performances is his song “Wearing The Inside Out” from their last album, “Division Bell”. And for classic, funky, psychedelic keyboard playing as only Wright could do it, sit back and listen to the “Wish You Were Here” Album start to finish.  He also had a solo record in the 70’s (I believe) called “Wet Dreams” which features his phenomenal golden voice and keys. His contribution to this world he visited for such a short time is overwhelmingly beautiful, and the planet is a much better place because of it. RIP Mr. Wright.

~ by abernhoft on September 15, 2008.

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