“Alan’s 2008 Holiday Entertainment Package”


Howdy Folks!


Happy Holidays, and please excuse the sales pitch, but I’m one of those independent internet artists you hear so much about, hocking my wares in the virtual world. If you’re reading this you’re probably a dear friend, or the dear friend of a dear friend, so I hope you’re having great Holidays and seeing lots of family & friends and avoiding traffic. We are.

Here’s the pitch:

Cheap movie & music “stocking stuffers” anyone can enjoy. I call it:


“Alan’s 2008 Holiday Entertainment Package”


Featuring four of my 2008 independent releases, which can be purchased separately or together as a monumental entertainment extravaganza!







Details :

1. THE DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE ROCK ‘N ROLL MUSICAL  (DVD) This is the extra special ELITE ENTERTAINMENT January ’08 release of my first feature film, directed by Andre Champagne and loaded with extras, including filmmaker’s commentary (Andre, Bob Ricucci, Terry Marinan & myself and a little beer and wine), behind the scenes footage, dozens of production stills, extra scenes, songs, early footage, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, a one hour one-on-one interview with the great studio legend, HAL BLAINE, speaking about his experience shooting a cameo role for the film and his mind-blowing career in the entertainment business as the World’s Greatest Drummer. The film has garnered numerous awards in film festivals around the world as well as raging reviews. The only movie of it’s kind. http://jekyllandhyderock.com/RentItNow.html


2.  DESPERATELY SEEKING PAUL MCCARTNEY    (DVD) A great independent film, released by MVD in September ‘08, featuring six of my original songs. I’m also Associate Producer on this warm, nostalgia-filled film about the true story of Ruth Anson and her marriage proposal by Paul McCartney in 1965. The film is beautifully directed by Marc Cushman, who also plays a self-serving reality show director, controlling this “behind-the-scenes re-telling” of Ruth’s story and her journey into her past and future. Included is the theatrical trailer and music videos for several of the movie’s original Beatlesque songs. An award-winning festival favorite and a truly unique piece of filmmaking.



3. FRANKENSTEIN ROCK  The soundtrack recording of my rock musical based on Frankenstein, featuring some amazing guest vocalists, including Sean Strain, David Kaufman and Sissy Martin. Also featured are Robert Ricucci and Terence Marinan, both from my Jekyll & Hyde soundtrack and film. http://cdbaby.com/cd/bernhoft6


4. BEATLESQUE ONE This one is a collection of my MOST Beatle-like songs, including six titles from the feature film, “DESPERATELY SEEKING PAUL MCCARTNEY” My best selling CD, it’s sold out twice so far on CD Baby and getting really great reviews. Got a Beatle fan on your list? http://cdbaby.com/cd/bernhoft7


Also, sometime when you’re just browsing around for fun, you can leave comments, reviews and ratings for the movies (# 1 and #2 above) at netflix.com, blockbuster.com, imdb.com and amazon.com, and do the same for my music at cdbaby.com.


All my CDs currently available online:    http://tinyurl.com/4njeap

More info on my various other music, video & film projects: www.alanbernhoft.com


Thanks! See you in 2009!

Alan Bernhoft





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