COSMIC CROONER -new CD release for ’09


My third CD release for 2009 is a collection of dreamy psychedelic poems put to music, sung in a “Jim Morrison-esque” rock crooning style.

BEEN DREAMING– “Now I’m searching down the backroads for that elusive trail called sanity”
BEAUTY & THE SIMPLE (Mark Bollinger)- “Maybe if I change my mind about what I believe is wonderful, someone might think that’s beautiful”
SANCTUARY– “I turn and catch the Mourning Wind as she weeps beneath a tree”
THE TIDE– “When dreams of a distant port that mark the journey’s end are washed away with the tide”
DON’T FEEL THAT WAY– “These lights that shine lead my mind asunder”
THE DARK TRUTH– “The night is cloudy, in my head the spectres gather for the kill”
I WANNA SAY IT– “Dontcha wanna break outta the chains? Dontcha dream about a free spin?”
10,000 TINY STRIPED VIRGIN ANGELS– “Wandering crystalline manna, White incubator walls”
MOTHER TELEVISION– “Blame it on yourselves, cause you’ve been sold”

~ by abernhoft on May 2, 2009.

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