HELP THE ANIMALS! California wildfires displace the animals of Serengeti Ranch

My friend, Ted Shred, one of the top animal wranglers in the film industry, needs our help. Serengeti Ranch, home to exotic animals in Acton, CA, was devastated in the recent Southern CA wildfires. The fires passed directly through the ranch destroying it. Because of the location fire insurance is not an option, this means they need our help to give these animals a proper home. The animals were all saved, some at the very last minute. Elephants, rhino, and many animal “stars” made their home here. There is a massive effort to re-build and return all the displaced animals to their home before the impending rainy season starts. They’re not just in need of money, there are many other ways to help these animals. Volunteers, equipment, tools, materials, water, etc. Click here to help

a fawn and young bobcat, normally mortal enemies in nature, huddle together in an office corner in fear as the fires close in on their home.


video of Ted Shred at Serengeti Ranch aftermath

slideshow of animals and fire devastation:

Actual footage during the fires after all animals had been evacuated:

~ by abernhoft on September 28, 2009.

One Response to “HELP THE ANIMALS! California wildfires displace the animals of Serengeti Ranch”

  1. Thank you Alan! and everyone at the ranch thanks you for your efforts…

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