CD Review – Beatlesque Three by Alan Bernhoft

CD Review – Beatlesque Three by Alan Bernhoft

Beatlesque ThreeBeatlesque Three is the third CD by musician/actor Alan Bernhoft.  Alan also works part time as a John Lennon impersonator.

Before breaking into my review of this most recent release, I’ll touch upon my opinions of Alan’s first attempt at recreating the sound of The Beatles.

Beatlesque OneBeatlesque One (which for some reason is missing from my CD collection) was/is an amazing collection of songs that if you’re not paying close enough attention, will make you look up and wonder if you’re listening to some previously unreleased songs from the early days of the Fab Four.  Alan recreates the sound so well, that six of his songs were featured in the mock-umentary “Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney”.  The movie’s director/producer, Marc Cushman remarked about his choice of songwriters, “We couldn’t afford The Beatles’ music, so we got the next best thing- Alan Bernhoft”

This brings us back to Beatleseque Three. It’s a fun album with a great opening song “Sunny Sky”.  Other standout songs are “Bored” and “Chun Li”.  This entire collection of songs once again highlights Alan’s ability to write a full/complete album of great tunes that brings its listener back to a bygone era of fun, peace and love.  And the production is superb!  My fingers are crossed that he will be able to keep up the good work from this and his first album to write Beatlesque Four.

I rate this CD: 3 out of 4 Beetles

~ by abernhoft on April 4, 2011.

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