BEATLESQUE 3 REVIEW by Powerpopaholic, Kip Boardman

Alan Bernhoft “Beatlesque Three”
As a Beatles tribute band, Alan Bernhoft has become quite a cottage industry amongst the fans of the Liverpool legends. After the first two volumes concentrate on the Beatles career before 1966, we move on in time with ‘Beatlesque 3’.

It gingerly starts with “Sunny Sky,” a Rubber Soul styled number and the choruses here are a bit more challenging. This works better on “Everybody Smiles” where Alan does his best Ringo vocal imitation. “Civilization” has a Lennon styled vocal that mimics “Mind Games” and we then move into the Mystery Tour era with a string of verbs that describe how “Bored” our singer is. Alan hits his stride here, and other standouts include “Miss Vonnie” and the Pepperish “Colliding Circles.”

~ by abernhoft on May 18, 2011.

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