Alan’s little map of WORLD DOMINATION!!

Each Pin represents multiple CD sales and/or digital downloads through, which is only one source of sales for my music, albeit the most successful one, starting in 2009.


The East Coast of the U.S. ROCKS, particularly New York!

Los Angeles, my home turf…not so good…what’s up with my friends??

(Slight Chastising Portion:) If you had a CD release, film screening, TV appearance, play, etc, I bet I showed up and/or supported you (if at all possible) so what’s with the ZERO sales in LA? Just sayin… it wouldn’t kill ya to buy a little Alan music for your collection- you’ll probably like it alot! Perfect virtual stocking stuffers! My Facebook store:

Worldwide, Europe is obviously way ahead, with Spain in the lead, followed by Austria (yes, the home of Mozart and that whole gang) and Japan followed closely by Brazil. Special shoutouts to my peeps in Schiedam, Nyack, Trgastel and Chorley!
[to be updated now and then]

~ by abernhoft on December 18, 2011.

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