2012 “Firsts” List

2012 Firsts

it was a fun, busy year, with several “firsts” for me, including these…iphone august 2012 126

Disneyland- 3 day Daddy/ Daughter trip with Melody. It was a very special trip while Marnie and Alanna were in Italy. We were joined on our third day by our pal, Joe Harding, who bought a killer Indiana Jones hat and satchel, which he is never without. Melody’s Uncle Evan was there in spirit, bankrolling her shopping sprees from afar!



book cover anthology549144_3724846237180_1461830015_n

My first short story was published and we had an amazing book signing Event at Dark Delicacies in Burbank. I was humbled to be among so many accomplished writers and made many new friends! Fangoria gave us a particularly great review, where they singled out my story! I also spoke along with several of the authors on a Literary panel for Hollywood’s Shockfest Film Festival, where we received their award for Literary Achievement.




My first Sinatra-style gig, singing standards- Mother’s Day, Assisted Living Home in Glendale, which led to Hotel Lounge Gigs – including 5 weeks at the Hilton Universal subbing for my friend, Melody Federer.

beat 4 front jpeg2ACD

My new CD, Beatlesque Four completed & released to rave reviews, which includes some writing and production I’m particularly proud of, as well as four of my “TS Dorglesnout” poems, my first poetry ever published.

 I completed recording and mixing my Familysong  CD with Traci Green featuring 19 songs which we perform every Tuesday morning for Toddlers and their Moms & Dads.

iphone august 2012 047

My first acting audition and callback for one of my favorite shows of all time, WEEDS! Thanks to my amazing agent, Cynthia Barry!

I passed the Groundlings audition, and took The Groundlings basic level -12 classes completed. YAY IMPROV!


iphone august 2012 099

I was the Sound Man for Alanna’s school play “Alice In Wonderland” Man, was she FANTASTIC to watch! I’ve played hundreds of live shows as a performer, never as sound man. 

iphone august 2012 105


 I met several new celebrities this year, some of whom I really admire, like Dick van Dyke, Tim Robbins and Jack Black.

My first Sitcom Spec Script Completed- for30 Rock, “The Emperor’s Nude Close”

iphone august 2012 305


First 5K Run in 4 years at the Rose Bowl!

I was a Film festival judge for Mockfest film festival, I read and evaluated 15 original screenplays.

iphone august 2012 407We camped at Sequoia National Forest for the very first time, Along with three other families, we had an eventful trip including several bear sitings and  something strange at a secluded spot where I came upon dozens of what can only be described as “Bigfoot” tracks. I wish the pics were as clear as the tracks. Keep in mind my shoe is a size thirteen and the tracks were a good four inches or so bigger than that. Weird. I ran and got my daughter and her friend, who were nearby to witness the tracks, which were all over the place in some very rugged terrain.iphone august 2012 415

iphone august 2012 414

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