REMEMBERING TERRY- a tribute to Terence Marinan

See you later, my friend. Thanks for the great times, you were truly a fearless spirit
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RIP Terence Marinan, a powerfully gifted artist whom it was my great pleasure to call friend and colleague. He knew classic film and theater inside and out. I’ll miss his smile, conversations late into the night over whisky at his place up on the hill, and his friendship. I’ll also miss that ever-present twinkle in his eye when we did scene-work together. This is Terry and I, from my film (OUR film) THE DR JEKYLL & MR HYDE ROCK N ROLL MUSICAL (Cheers to you Terry, maybe the world never quite caught on to your greatness as an artist, but many of us lucky ones did. You won’t be forgotten) Lift your glasses “Here’s to friendship! Here’s to YOU!”









~ by abernhoft on October 3, 2013.

15 Responses to “REMEMBERING TERRY- a tribute to Terence Marinan”

  1. I directed him on so many Voice Over projects. Recently he was selected to be Jean Paul II in a film, but the same day that the canonization was announced, Terry death was announced too. The last voice recording of Terry was done by me, him playing Jean Paul, a role that he won, but he could not perform on earth, I am sure he will on heaven…. The voice over community has lost one of the greatest voices.

  2. One of my goals was to employ Terry whenever possible, knowing his talents were great and overlooked. I directed him on many voice over projects and on-camera projects, composed unusual music and sound effects for his play “Dracula” back in the 90’s and assembled all the elements and artwork for his website. Here is a link to the last commercial
    I did, able to hire him again…”The Watermelon Festival at The Rose Bowl”

  3. Worked with Terry in Sweet Bird of Youth….In Minneapolis in the 70’s…he was great and yes….fearless……Rest in Peace.

  4. Thank you for tribute to my friend, the late great Marinan. The curse of being an extraordinary talent is to go unrecognized. For those of us who had the opportunity to witness his talents, we remember how he bewitched us with his consumate skills. Sheltering Arms will never be the same…..
    Nancy Knickerbocker

  5. Lovely thoughts for a lovely guy. I will miss Terry like I would my breathe.
    I hope everyone comes to his memorial on November 10th at 10:00 AM at T.U. Studios 10943 Camarillo St. North Hollywood. Memorial will last from 10:00 AM till noon, then there’ll be a proper Irish send off & pot luck from noon to six. Bring a dish, bring a bottle, bring your great stories about Terry.

    • I thought setup was 10 & start was 11 am. But I’m comfy w/ welcoming anyone at anytime. Conversation ain’t gonna run dry!

  6. Thank you for leaving one more echo reverberating for Terence. I was greatly gifted by my friendship w/ Ter. I understand completely your affection for him & grieve for your loss as I grieve for my own. He was a captivating conversationalist & the best actor I knew. There’s a massive chunk of my heart mingled with his ashes.


  7. R.I.P. “King of the Quails”. Terry was an amazing neighbor, mentor and friend. Kagel can never be the same without him. His resounding laugh echoed through the canyons as did his love and spirit. He chose to see life’s challenges not as “scary” but as “thrilling”. He always had a kind word and a fresh lemon or peach for you. Will miss you “Pops”.

  8. Terry brightened a lot of Christmases and birthdays here in San Pedro, with his brilliance and generosity. Unfortunately, I never saw him in his element, which was the stage, but his talent always shone through wherever we went – shooting up the desert, hiking the coast cliffs, rummaging through the ruins of old Marineland, the Marineland cave…

    There hasn’t been a day gone by since the awful news, that I haven’t thought of calling him, and in fact have, just in order to hear his “Hi, this is Terry. Leave your number and I’ll get back to you. Take care!” for the last time. Now there’s no answer, so his phone must have been taken down in the last weeks.

    Four more from ‘Pedro for the wake… See you on the tenth.

  9. I went with my family and friends to Terry’s remembrance event on Sunday, at the T.U. Studios. It was very heartening to see so many people there, and hear so many reminiscences.

    I vastly regret not seeing all of Andre’s slide show, since it was so moving and so well-recieved by those who loved him.

    We regretted never having seem him on stage, but, in person, Terry was like a force of nature in his own way.

    A few years ago, he refused to leave the huge carcass of an Elephant seal we found on the rocks, and nothing would do until he had secured one of the immense creature’s nine-inch canine fangs. During the stinky ordeal, he gashed his hand in the putrid wound he had bashed into the skull to loosen it. A deep wash and rinse with tequila, and it was back to the task. The tooth went onto his museum-table near the fireplace, and I hope it finds an appreciative home.

    During the remembrance, we were very glad to meet Alan Bernhoft, and Erin, and seeing Earnest and Brian again, as well as the long-lost Maria K.

    If you are missing some enlarged, color cutouts of Terry, look no farther, but don’t come searchin’ ( ” S’cuse me, while I steal this guy..” ).

    Do please keep in touch…

    Russ, Krysia, Russell and Esther

  10. The last piece Terry and I did together. I think he’s pure gold on this…

  11. I havent seen Terri in years, but when we went to school together at Saint Marys.. Jr. high in Albert Lea MM. we were inseperable. Im sorry to hear about your passing ”Good Bye My Old Friend I look forward to seeing you again…….God Bless You Your Friend Ed……

  12. Terry, Rest In Peace my good old friend. I’ve looked for you for many years and I’ve found you too late. I still have many wonderful memories of the good times we shared.

    Willy Falk

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