Alan Bernhoft BIO

Alan has spent over twenty five years creating music and film.

Alan has appeared as an actor and voiceover artist in several feature and short films as well as commercials. He is represented by First Class Talent Agency

Acting Reel          Recent Projects

As a teenager, Alan and the punk-art band, The Wedgeheads, created a lasting local impact in his home town in Louisiana with outrageous performances like “Puppy Slicer” and Alan’s dead-Elvis parody, “Always Elvis” that made for great press. The original members recently re-grouped to record their first album, 21st Century Wedgeheads. 

He then formed The Mice! with X-Wedgeheads Howie Pickett and Mark DeVilbiss, a Beatlesque, harmonizing power pop group whose self-produced first single “I Like Her” circulated on college radio throughout the country, grabbing the ear of Electra A&R man Kevin Patrick in New York and radio legend Rodney Benginheimer in Los Angeles.  The band moved to L.A. to release a second single with alternative music legend Greg Shaw’s Voxx Records, “Winter Ocean Mary Go Round” and “I Can Fly” When the band broke up and Alan teamed with Los Angeles locals Sex and Violins, who changed their name to Mary Kelly when the violin player overdosed. They received extensive airplay on independent radio in the U.S., Canada and Europe with a four-song EP, “Living In A Pay Toilet” It was penned and produced by Alan (lyrics by Jeff Potter of The Wedgeheads) and recorded with producer and friend Brett Gurewitz (of Bad Religion & Epitaph Records fame) at his Westbeach Studios in Hollywood. “I learned everything I really needed to know about recording rock ‘n roll from Brett”

After leaving Mary Kelly, Alan pursued several solo projects. He wrote and recorded a series of rock musicals, including “The Strange Case of Jekyll & Hyde” (based on the classic novel)  on which he played all the instruments and created all the vocal characterizations. The multi-award winning independent film version, “The Jekyll & Hyde Rock ‘n Roll Musical”, starring Alan in a critically-acclaimed award-winning performance, produced with director Andre Champagne and Co-writer Robert Ricucci, is currently being distributed internationally by Elite Disc. The film features a cameo by Alan’s teacher, mentor and friend, studio legend and Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famer, Hal Blaine.

Alan has also been heard on the internationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show, with a series of parody tunes recorded at his home studio including the iconic INITIAL RAP. He enjoys a certain amount of notoriety for his uncanny John Lennon impersonation. He has performed with dozens of Beatles Tribute shows, including IMAGINE, PAPERBACK WRITER, NUMBER NINE and TICKET TO RIDE in nightclubs and casinos including numerous performances in Las Vegas and at the International Beatlefest Convention. He has appeared as Lennon on renowned John Lennon author Jude Kessler’s John Lennon Hour radio show. He was also named International Beatles Freak Day’s Artist of the Month.

Alan penned six Beatlesque tunes for the popular independent feature film, “Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney” on which he is also Associate Producer. The film had it’s DVD release in Sept of 2008. We couldn’t afford The Beatles’ music, so we got the next best thing- Alan Bernhoft” –Marc Cushman, Director & Producer, “Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney”

Alan’s popular Beatlesque song, Keep Your Hands Off My Baby was featured on Britain’s popular Harry Hill Show on the BBC.

Alan also released the bluesy and soulful “MRS. SIPPY BONE”  -“the L.A. rock ‘n roller returns to his Southern roots with this blues-infused collection, reminiscent of early Stones and Zeppelin”. The title cut is featured in the film “Rx For Mayhem” and “Keep Your Hands Off My Baby” was an audience-voted #1 song on ENGAGE internet radio, where he hosted a weekly interactive Saturday morning children’s show, PLAYDATE. He was awarded ARTIST OF THE YEAR for 2006 by the evolving artist network and inducted into their Hall Of Fame in October ’06.

Alan’s song, “Chocolate Chip Cookie Rock” from his children’s release, PLAYDATE, was featured on the TODAY show for National Cookie Day in 2013 and can also be found on volume three of the “Are We There Yet?” CD series for kids, and the title cut appeared in the feature film “Team Extreme.” It is a favorite at children’s dance recitals, including Tude’s School of Dance. He performs with Traci Green at the weekly children’s song circle FAMILYSONG  and they are soon to release their second collaboration of children’s music.

Alan’s Cosmic Crooner album features his strong Doors rock crooner style space age music. The cut “The Dark Truth” was made into a powerful short film by Venus As A Boy Films.

His song Bored, from Beatlesque Three is featured on the compilation Power Pop Prime Volume Nine.

Alan released a CD of Sinatra style big band tunes as Alan James, and has performed under the moniker as a saloon crooner.

He also played drums for the LA-based band, Theory, who had a tune on TV’s Party Of Five, “How’s Your Joint, George?” written by Anderson Council.

Alan has frequently collaborated with brilliant Actor/Director Lara Everly, including her short films Pink SweatMe, You, A Bag & Bamboo, and several other titles.

The Beatlesque Collection consists of five volumes of Alan’s MOST Beatles- like original songs, including six titles from the feature film, “DESPERATELY SEEKING PAUL McCARTNEY”  Alan wrote the words & music, sings, plays all the instruments and produced the recordings at his AIM Studios in Los Angeles. Alan’s other releases include FRANKENSTEIN ROCK, the soundtrack to his Frankenstein Rock Musical, which he is developing into a musical graphic novel.      Beatlesque Three Review.

Alan is also a writer of horror fiction and poetry and his short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollywood was included in the award winning anthology Hell Comes To Hollywood, published by Eric Miller’s Big Time Books. Alan was mentioned in a great review of the book by Fangoria. He is currently completing his own original collection of Horror Fiction Short Stories.

Radio Interview 2009

Alan holds an Associates Degree in the Arts and has mastered several Martial Arts including Tae Kwon Do. He owes a tremendous debt to many great teachers, among them Hal Blaine, Wayne Dvorak, Eduardo Diamante, Seth Riggs, Anna Chappell, Hines Williams, Aerin Holt, Mark Griffith, Kevin McCarthy, Elaine Dettmar, Mark Atteberry, Carroll Baker, Sun Yun Kim, Marjorie Jackson and countless others.

Alan currently lives with his wife and two daughters in his beloved Southern California.


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  1. Very, very impressive…:)
    Congratulatations on such amazingly creative success, Alan! Broad spectrums of entertainment!
    Your take on ‘Without You’ is awesome, by the way….:)* ~

  2. Great Alan!

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