Alan Bernhoft -Film, TV & Video Music

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Films, Links and Song Titles

“Me, You, A Bag & Bamboo”
written & directed by Lara Everly

“Sexy Robot Man”
“Chun Li’s Music Box”
“White Trash Circus”
“French Bistro Thing”

“Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney”
written & directed by Marc Cushman

(BEATLES sound-alike)

Magic Everywhere”
“Keep Your Hands Off My Baby”
“Everything Is Fine”
“Be Mister Nice”
“Looking For Mr. Green”

“The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Rock ‘N Roll Musical”  

2003 Fennecus award Nominee (against Phil Collins, Carly Simon, Christopher Guest & Jack Black)
directed by Andre Champagne

“Jekyll & Hyde Overture”
“Listen, Jekyll”
“Some Things”
“The London Fog”
“Midnight Tonight”
“King Of The Night”
“Jekyll’s Theme/ Transformation/ Hyde’s Theme”
“Another Bottle Full Of Beer”
“All That Really Matters”
“Where Is Henry?”
“Time For A Kill/ Hyde’s Theme/ Jekyll’s Theme”
“I’m Coming For You”

“HARRY HILL TV BURP” (BBC Television- BEATLES sound-alike)

“Keep Your Hands Off My Baby”


written & directed by Lara Everly

(recording engineer & voice artist)


directed by Lara Everly

“News Center Theme”

“Ambient Horror Vinatge Strings”


written & directed by Christian Hartsock


“I Love New York”


written & directed by Tom Callaway

“Gonna Get To You”

“Ambient Horror Synth Pad”

“Team Extreme”
written & directed by Jeff Burkett


“Rx For Mayhem”    (no website)
written & directed by Dalton Toledo

“Mrs. Sippy Bone”

“PARTY OF FIVE “(Television)

“How’s Your Joint, George?” by THEORY

“Frankenstein Rock”
written by Alan Bernhoft
(currently in pre-production)

“Mary Shelly’s Song”
“He’s Just Resting”
“Prying Eyes”
“Victor’s Prayer”
“Look Beyond”
“The Electrical Secrets Of Heaven”
“She’s Alive”
“Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away”
“Kill The Monster”
“Great Day For A Wedding”
“The Monster’s Theme”
“Elizabeth/ Waiting For The Storm/ She’s Alive/ Elizabeth (reprise)”
“Mary Shelly’s Song (slight reprise)”

“When Queens Collide”
written & directed by Jay Keiser & Mark Korba

(still in post, song titles undetermined)

 “THE DARK TRUTH” by Alan Bernhoft
music video, directed by Simon Benjamin
“EBB  TIDE” by Uncle George
video by Alan Bernhoft
“LADY JAZZ” by Uncle George
written, directed & produced by Alan Bernhoft


Client List


Mark Cushman

Ruth Anson

Dalton Toledo


Abe Abdelhadi

Lara Everly

Annika Marks

Sweet Potato Productions

Lee Stranahan

Charlie Fink

Nightmare On Vista Court

Andre Champagne

Robert Greenwald

Brave New Films

Ben Relles

Barely Political

Wendy Carter

Givejust1 .org

Lunatics & Liars

Jeff  Burkett

Team Extreme

 Harry Hill’s TV Burp



3 Responses to “Alan Bernhoft -Film, TV & Video Music”

  1. do you have the lyrics of Jekyll and Hyde Rock n Roll musical?

    • yes
      I wrote the words & music


      • It just Im looking for them in internet and I cant find them…Do you know if theyre posted in any Lyrics collection page? Just to have an idea of what Im singing when Im singing the songs… I particulary like Stormy(Brown Eyes) and Im comin for you.

        Thanks a lot.

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