Stan Winston passed away last night

Even though you may never have heard of him, he’s entertained you immensely. Stan Winston was arguably the greatest effects man in motion picture history. JURASSIC PARK, THE TERMINATOR, PREDATOR and ALIENS, just to name a few- I was lucky enough to see Winston’s reel at the 2003 Maniafest film festival closing ceremonies awards party at Schwarzenneger’s Schatzi On Main in Santa Monica, along with guests Stan Winston and his long time friend, Wes Craven. They were like schoolboys together, really funny, and I got a shot of Stan flipping everyone the bird, with a big silly grin on his face. They were particularly impressed by my performance as HYDE (The Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Rock ‘N Roll Musical)

Winston’s reel was mind-blowing, covering pretty much every groundbreaking special effect over the last 30 years or so in film history. I’m going to dig around for those Maniafest photos- I’ll try to have them up today- Stan- RIP and thanks for all the thrills and chills and really cool monsters!


~ by abernhoft on June 16, 2008.

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