BEATLESQUE ONE another great review of my new CD


Remarkable album paying homage to The Beatles
author: Rodney and the Reviewer Team
Alan Bernhoft has captured the style and feel of the legendary British pop band “The Beatles” with his appropriately titled album “Beatlesque One.” His approach is remarkably reminiscent of the early Beatles style while at the same time fresh and original, paying homage to the group but spinning the music is his own creative and unique way. He portrays the atmosphere of the 1960s immediately and effectively on this album with “Keep Your Hands Off My Baby,” a stunning opener that perfectly encapsulates the sound of the era that fused British pop with American rock-n-roll. The songs are well-written and skillfully produced, with clever arrangements and spirited musical performances. Listen to his stylish and accurate vocals on the lively and cheerful “Playdate,” and his almost eerie resemblance to the lighthearted side of Paul McCartney on “Sunshine Girl” and “Someday (’08 Mix).” Another highlight is “Winter Ocean Mary Go Round (’08 Mix),” which is symbolic of the style of John Lennon. Bernhoft’s introspective writing displays a truly uncanny resemblance to many aspects of The Beatles music, capturing their essence in both spirit and sound. Fans of The Monkees, The Beatles, and 60’s rock will find “Beatlesque One” incredibly appealing.

~ by abernhoft on November 12, 2008.

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