Rock History In The Flesh (an afternoon with Hal Blaine)

Yesterday I got a chance to shoot out to Palm Desert and visit with my pal (and hero, mentor, etc) Hal Blaine. Hal turned 80 this year and is still pretty much a kid. It’s always great to hang out with the King, perhaps the humblest, most accomplished man alive. We cut some tracks for a secret project he’s lending me a hand on, grabbed lunch at “It’s A Deli” and smoked some cigars by the pool. He has a killer grapefruit tree that was full of fruit- best grapfruits I’ve ever had, so I nabbed a bagful before I hit the road. Priceless stuff, folks… [In the photos, you see Hal’s Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame award, cigars by the pool, Hal talking shop on the phone with my wife, Marnie, and a nice view of the clouds over the mountains heading West from Ha’ls street.]

~ by abernhoft on March 7, 2009.

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