Jekyll & Hyde radio interview w/ Alan Bernhoft @ Rock Solid Pressure

From the Rock Solid Pressure Blog:     Dungeon Fun with Movie Producer/Musician ALAN BERNHOFT

 Hey Fiends, It was a stormy night in the ‘ol Dungeon as we ventured into the world of ‘Dr. Jekyll’. Actually, it’s the rainy season down here in Florida, so we’re kinda used to the Dungeon flooding out on us. But we rode the lightning for a really kickass show last night. Kudo’s to all the listeners who tuned in, you guys rock!! .. We had the pleasure of having ALAN BERNHOFT chained up in the Dungeon last night for some terror talk. Alan is one of the twisted minds behind the movie ‘THE DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE ROCK N ROLL MUSICAL’. He wrote and scored the film, and we found the movie to be a rare fiendish delight. Kinda like a cross between ‘Rocky Horror’ and ‘Cannibal The Musical’ with a dash of old world charm. We highly recommend this movie. Congrats to the winners of the DVD giveaway last night, but if you didn’t make the ‘cut’, you can find the movie at all the retail chains..Go get it NOW!! Alan is also a musical psychedelic genius of sorts. He has 8 cd’s out, which are filled with colorful, trippy tunes that remind you of Syd Barret era ‘Pink Floyd’ ot late Beatles. Sometimes it’s so uncanny, you’ll think you were listening to a long lost Beatle’s album. For all our stoner friends, and psychedelic fans, you gotta check this guy out. His work on the Dr. Jekyll movie gained so much noteriety, that he’s currently working on the ‘FRANKENSTEIN ROCK’ musical. You can bet we’ll be doing a follow up on Alan

ALAN BERNHOFT: 10.000 Tiny Striped Virgin Angels ALAN BERNHOFT: Mr. Turtle ALAN BERNHOFT: Mother Television ALAN BERNHOFT: King Of The Night *Exclusive unreleased track from the movie (All courtesy of A.I.M. Music)

~ by abernhoft on July 11, 2009.

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